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Winland WB350 Water Bug 350 Water Sensor with Audible Alarm

WNWB350 Waterbug - Description

The Waterbug 350 Model (WB350) is an excellent stand-alone water detector. The WB350 runs on a 9-volt battery and includes an audible alarm which will alert you if water is detected. The WB350 can also be connected to alarm panels and auto-dialers to notify you of a problem. You can connect up to six sensors to the Waterbug 350, ideal for monitoring a large area.

Sensors come with 12' of wire.

How does it work

Each sensor has surface-contacts, once the water bridges the contacts, the WaterBug goes into alarm. Condensation or high humidity will not send the Waterbug into alarm. One sensor is included with the WaterBug 350 system.

Ideal for

  • Basement Sump Pumps
  • Residential and Vacation Homes
  • Unattended Buildings
  • Office and Computer Rooms
  • Commercial Buildings