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Dakota Alert Murs MAPSHTKIT Probe Sensor and Handheld Receiver Kit

Murs Alert Magnetic Probe Sensor and Handheld Transceiver

The Murs Alert MAPSHTKIT includes the DKMAP metal detecting probe, complete with 50' of burial wire attaching it to the transmitter box, and the M538HT portable handheld transceiver.

The weatherproof transmitter operates on 6 AA batteries. When a vehicle is detected, the transmitter will send an alert signal to the portable handheld transceiver, which will give you a voice alert message. The probe is attached to the transmitter with 50 feet of direct burial cable and should be buried alongside the driveway with the transmitter box mounted on a tree or post about 4 feet high. The vehicle detector probe will detect the movement of a metal object such as a car coming up the driveway. The transmitter will then send a radio signal up to 4 miles back* to the handheld receiver to activate the voice recording.

The handheld transceiver can receive an alert signal from the MURS Alert driveway alarm transmitter as well as two-way communications from other handheld and base station transceivers. When the M538HT Receiver receives an alert signal it notifies you with a voice message. It operates on 6 rechargeable AA batteries (included) for complete portability. Additional MURS sensors can be added to increase the monitored area.

The long range, ease of setup and portability of the receiver make this vehicle annunciating system ideal for may applications, such as farms, small businesses and outdoor recreation events.

*dependant on local terrain