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Dakota Alert MURS M538HT Handheld Walkie Talkie Receiver

Murs Alert M538HT Handheld Transceiver

The MURS M538HT Handheld Portable Transceiver is ideal when you need the flexibility of being at different locations on your property, but need to know when a visitor or customer has entered your property. When an alarm signal is sent the M538HT Transceiver notifies with you a voice message.The MURS Alert portable handheld transceiver can receive an alert signal from any of the MURS Alert driveway alarm transmitters. It is also capable of two-way communications with other transceivers (another handheld transceiver or a Murs Alert Base Station), and can communicate over a distance of several miles. The M538HT has 5 channels and 38 sub channels. This will help you to communicate with other users without interference. This unit operates on 6 rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries (included) and will work for approximately 40 hours on a charge. The M538HT portable handheld transceiver will alert you with a voice message when receiving a signal from the MURS MAT infrared sensor or the MURSMPT vehicle detection probe. As well, and alert icon will be displayed to confirm that an alert signal has been received. With the long range ability and the portable receiver, the MURS Alert has unlimited applications; it can be used by security guards, small businesses and also by hunters monitoring game trails; any scenario that requires immediate notification when someone or something enters a monitored location.