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Chamberlain NDIS Wireless Doorbell Intercom System

Chamberlain Wireless Doorbell Intercom

The much anticipated Chamberlain Wireless and Portable Intercom Systems are here! These wireless intercom systems have a wireless range of 1000 feet and are capable of operating continuously for up to a year on just 4 AA batteries! Or if the you don't require the portability of a battery operated system you can use an AC power adapter to power the unit!

System Expandability!

You can easily add up to 12 of the Chamberlain Portable Wireless Intercoms to your system as you need or desire! Place indoor intercoms in multiple rooms in your house if you wish, even place an Outdoor Wireless Intercom in the shower and answer the wireless doorbell intercom from the shower!

These portable wireless intercoms are completely digital offering crystal clear audio transmission and secure connections. These are excellent home or small office wireless intercom systems.

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